About GetVegetable.com

GetVegetable delivers the most delicious vegetables to anywhere in the continental United States. It is our mission to support local farmers and communities, and to bring healthy, organic produce right to your door in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

This is a passion project that started when two of our founders, Alexey and Maxim, was turned onto fresh fruits and vegetables and the wonderful health benefits they bring. Sticking to a diet that included fresh produce resulted in a significant boost to Alexey’s mood, mental capacity, and physical health, — he even stopped catching colds!

So, we began to form a team, working with some friends — engineers and scientists — to learn more about the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, and to create a sustainable plan to share our findings and connect all our friends with local organic farmers

We spent four months programming our project to use the latest technology for Stripe payments, allowing our friends to subscribe, or unsubscribe, at any time, and set up the right produce order to fit their specific needs. We integrated automatic shipments through UPS, directly from our partner farmers, and supplied them with the quality control instructions and environmentally-friendly packaging materials needed to send out their produce. Every friend we signed up was hooked, so we decided to bring the service to you!

For more information on how the service works, and how to start a healthier lifestyle today, get in touch today! You won’t regret it! 🎉